Elmer’s products are the perfect choice for creativity and convenience. Our range of products include glue sticks, liquid glue, slime products, craft adhesives, retail boards and hardware adhesives.

Glue Sticks

Elmer’s Glue Sticks are perfect for crafting and school projects. Easy to use, easy to clean-up, washable glue sticks are the choice for teachers and moms everywhere!

Liquid Glue

Whether it's for crafts, school, or even slime, Elmer's Liquid Glue brings any project to life. Safe, washable, and nontoxic, it's no wonder Elmer's is trusted by parents and teachers alike.

Slime Products

No one knows slime better than Elmer's. Our Magical Liquid turns glue into slime, while our slime kits contain everything you need! Meanwhile, Elmer's Gue is a ready-made slime, straight out of the container.

Craft Adhesives

Elmer’s has a variety of specialty and craft products including rubber cement, hot glue, spray adhesives, and liquid craft glue to meet all project needs.

Project Solutions

Elmer’s Retail Boards consists of corrugated and foam tri-/ bi-fold boards ideal for crafting and school projects, as well as accessories that aid in board creation.

Hardware Adhesives

When it’s time for a project or repair, our application-focused adhesives make it easy to find exactly the right Elmer’s product for the job!