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Investor Relations

Corporate Information At A Glance Corporate Information At A Glance


Company Name
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Net Sales
441.5 billion yen (consolidated fiscal year ended March 31, 2019)
44.0 billion yen
Shinya Kamagami
17,930 (consolidated, as of March 31, 2019)
Head Office
1-7-12 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-8460, Japan
Stock Exchange Listing
The First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
Securities Code
Share Unit
Fiscal Year-end
March 31

Net Sales by Segment

OKI Group businesses consist of four segments including ICT, Mechatronics Systems, Printers and EMS, and Others.

Net Sales 441.5 B yen 2019/3, ICT 41.7%, Mechatronics Systems 18.7%, Printers 23.2%, EMS 14.8%, Others 1.6%

  • Results of EMS and Others are restated.

Main Businesses

ICT Business

Sensing × Networks × Data Processing

The ICT business provides a wide range of solutions, products, and services that support social infrastructures, leveraging an installed customer base accumulated over 135 years, technology assets such as sensing, networks and data processing and Mono-zukuri (manufacturing) know-how.

  • Flight Control Systems

  • Smart Interchange Systems

Mechatronics Systems Business

Mechatronics Technology × Global

The Mechatronics Systems business provides ATMs to overseas markets including China, Brazil, Indonesia, India, and Russia. OKI is a leading ATM company in Japan and also provides cash handling equipment and others.

OKI develops the world's first cash recycling ATM*, drawing on its strengths in mechatronics technologies related to cash handling such as recognition of authenticity and denominations of coins and banknotes, and counting.

*An ATM with cash recycling technology that reuses deposited banknotes for withdrawals.

  • Cash Recycling ATM

  • Teller Cash Recycler

Printers Business

LED × Printing Capability on Multiple Media × Global

The Printers business provides compact design, high speed, high resolution printers and multifunction printers for office printing market leveraging the world's first print head using LEDs as its light sources in 100 countries around the world.

Also, OKI provides wide-format printers and small label printers for industry printing market including design and retail, taking advantages of printing capability on multiple media.

  • Color LED Multifunction Printer

  • Color LED Printer

  • Wide-format Printer

EMS Business

Domestic Production × High-end

The EMS business provides high-end consigned manufacturing services with high quality, high reliability and a wide variety of products in small quantities, taking advantages of domestic manufacturing in measurement, industrial, ICT and medical fields underpinned by design and manufacturing technologies, know-how and strong track records accumulated over more than 135 years in the ICT field.

  • Manufacturing Line

  • PCBs

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Financial Highlights

Net Sales and Operating Income

Net Sales by Region

Net Sales  441.5 B yen 2019/3, Japan 77.4%, North America 3.3%, Latin America 3.1%, Europe 9.3%, China 3.0%, Others 3.9%

Total Assets and Interest-bearing Debt


DE ratio

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