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Cash Recycling Solutions

Teller Cash Recycler G7

Teller Cash Recycler G7 (TG7) enables branch transformation achieving high efficiency of staff operation in financial institution and retail store with high-capacity and high-speed processing.


Teller Cash Recycler G7

  • Advanced cash processing technology based on ATM experience
  • Cassette combination system adaptable to various operational needs
  • Two output pockets for operational efficiency

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Teller Cash Recycler G7 introduction movie [01:51]

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Front-end Solution
Improve productivity in cash work (Ex. Cash station, Multi-task teller, VIP service etc.)

Vault Solution
Downsize branch with automation (Ex. Compact branch, Smart Vault etc.)


  • Type: Front access & Rear access
  • Dimensions: W 465 x D 1,015 x H 877 (mm) * Front access type
  • Weight: Max 410 kg
  • Note handling: Up to 128 denominations
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