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OKI Technical Review

Welcome to OKI Technical Review (OTR), a technical journal published by Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd., which presents our Research and Development approaches and achievements to help overseas customers understand our engineering capabilities and corporate vision. The articles contained in OTR are selected from "OKI Technical Review," published half‐yearly in Japanese.

Toward its goal of realizing an advanced IoT society, OKI announced an AI edge computing strategy in October 2019.

The introduction of dedicated AI accelerator chips has made it possible to perform AI computing on small terminals installed at the edge. This AI edge computing is effective for real-time processing, load distribution and ensuring reliability. Moreover, working in conjunction with the cloud, it is possible to analyze business data and update trained models. AI edge computing is expected to be the driving force that further promotes social implementation of AI technology. At the core of OKI's AI edge computing strategy is the AI edge computer "AE2100." The AE2100 enables advanced AI inference processing at the edge while providing high real-time performance, reliability, security and environmental resistance.

This issue introduces OKI's AI edge computing concept, as well as the AE2100 and various solutions that apply AI edge computing.

OKI will further promote digital transformation based on its high technological capabilities in edge regions and a wide range of use cases. Under the key message "Social infrastructure x IoT," OKI will realize the advanced IoT society and contribute to the success of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

We would like to thank you for reading the OTR past issues and we hope you will continue to enjoy, and benefit from reading the OTR in the future.

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